That’s Amazeballs! A Review of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow

I love quick reads.  I love motivational quick reads even more.  Just like the front cover states, Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow – Transform your Business by Being Remarkable is a “must-read classic.”

I’ll try to give you the benefit of the doubt if you haven’t heard of marketing guru Seth Godin.  Maybe you don’t do marketing or work in advertising.  But Godin isn’t just for marketers.  I’m obviously biased, but his musings are relevant for any professional who wants to reflect, improve, and be remarkable.

Godin taunts leaders to go big or go home.  True leaders discourage playing it safe with incremental improvements.  True leaders encourage their teams to push the boundaries in ways that redefine the rules of the game, turn the market upside down, or even create a brand new market.  Sound crazy?  That’s the point.  The more outrageous the idea, the more remarkable its potential.

By scattering case studies throughout, Godin effectively reinforces his message that being remarkable requires not only a willingness to take risks, but a stomach for failure.  Remarkability requires a try, try again, and again, and again mentality.  Be prepared for the number of fails to outnumber the wins.  But achieving that one win can mean the difference between skyrocketing to market leader or shutting down operations.  Companies and executive management teams who rest their laurels on multi-million dollar adverting spends without comparable investment in product innovation will likely experience the latter.

Don’t let that happen to your company.  Or to your career.  But most importantly don’t let that happen to you.  Let your mind wander in consideration of the exciting possibilities.  Color outside the lines.  Color your world in purple.

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