My Voyage to The Maiden

The Maiden restaurant logoLast night, I finally made it over to The Maiden, one of the latest restaurants to open on the Southie restaurant scene.  If you haven’t been, please go!  Especially if you’re a mid-career professional looking for a laid back, non-pretentious spot with attentive service and tasty food.

When my friend and I walked in, we were taken aback by how crowded it was.  Drew and Esti, two of the three owners, estimated that it would be a 30 minute wait.  When we mentioned that we’d go across the street to grab a drink at Stephi’s and come back, Drew promptly offered to give us a call when a table opened up.  And, then, he actually called!

Upon our return, we ventured to order a few Island Creek and John’s River oysters followed up by the burger.  So yummy!  The burger was perfectly proportioned on a well-seasoned sesame bun (my fav, which led me to breaking my gluten-free preference!) that was easily devoured without any drippings dribbling down my fingers.

And when my friend’s napkin slipped to the floor?  Drew’s swiftly dove for the pick-up while Esti swept in with a fresh new napkin.  I mean, within milli-seconds.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that before.  A little gesture that earned the restaurant my accolades and, likely my future loyalty.

Thanks to city politics, the restaurant regrettably does not have a full liquor license so the cocktail options are limited to the bartender’s creativity of mixing some sweet concoctions with cordials.  However, the variety of northeast drafts and extensive wine offerings won’t disappoint.

My only regret in the experience is that I didn’t visit The Maiden sooner.  I love supporting local ventures and with the family ownership team living in Southie, I want to see them succeed!

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